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What worries me about AI

Francois Chollet just published an article What worries me about AI. Francois Chollet is the developer of Keras, a high level machine learning library being used by many companies doind AI including my previous one. His opinion matters for me since he started working in Google thus he sees those things from close up.

I agree that AI allows massive inspection of data thus predicting how users will react to specific topics. With this knowledge you can

  • craft content in order to force a reaction of users (e.g. alter opinion about a presidential candidate)
  • find a group of users having specific reaction to a content (e.g. having negative response to a new product/law)

Nowadays, it is possible to physically target those people. Many of us are giving location information to the big companies. It can be our phone number (for secure access), school, work or even address itself. Not speaking about events we opted to attend. You gave up not just your position but even time when you will be there.

Solution? Government will protect us. Oh please! Government cannot save us because they were the first target. Mingled elections helped unfit people to the inauguration. You know they will not give up nor issue preventive measures so it does not happen again.

So we have to stop that. How? Stop using Facebook! I am just kidding. Many people would feel socially excluded. You need to own your data. That's it. For that you have to have your own small computer. Nowadays it costs about 50$. Imagine that your computer will hold your statuses, photos, and messages. You could be posting them to facebook as before or you do not need to. Other people would still see them on their "wall". It would be possible by installing an Facebook APP that would pulls those statuses from your friend's own computers.

Not convinced? No problem. But think about it again. Imagine you keep all your photos and statuses. They do not dissapear, they cannot be deleted, and cannot be used in mass AI algorithms. Imagine you hold on your emails, events, and messages. You are not targetted by crafted news and content. Imagine you have your own computation power so you can have a safe place where your applications (email, office suite, phone, social network) are always available and they are only yours. Imagine the future.

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